We make food that
loves you back.

We believe that a healthy diet doesn’t have to be something you dread. In fact, we’ve found that a diet full of real, plant-based foods can do amazing things like clear the mind, supply boundless energy, clear skin, soothe digestion, and increase longevity, just to name a few. It’s all but magic and we want to share it with you. Plant gives you access to real, delicious, and nutritious food—yes, even on Monday.

We promise that everything is made fresh, in-house, and sourced locally and organically as much as possible. We are a completely plant-based and gluten free facility.


About the founder.

Emma Ryan has been through the gamut of health-related problems, and in her fight she’s tried it all: diets, cleanses, supplements, fitness programs, retreats, medicines, you-name-it. But with every frustration and challenge, she kept finding her way back to health and vitality. And with each bump along the road, she was coming closer and closer to finding answers.

As is often the case, the best answers are the simplest. After switching to an entirely plant-based diet, she was shocked at the amount of energy and vitality she experienced. It was a discovery she felt she had to share. And with that, she launched her vitality coaching business, helping people harness the power of plants to give them the energy and motivation to change their lives.

All of this lead her to the idea and concept of Plant, where real food became accessible to the Oklahoma City community. Now, she is able to share her passion alongside her sister, Addie, as they chase their dreams of making plant-based living a mainstream concept.


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